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Secure Remote Connectivity for Semiconductor Equipment


secureWISE from ILS Technology, delivers secure, configurable end-to-end remote connectivity across private networks, providing OEMs role-based, real-time and on-demand access to their equipment installed at the production facilities around the globe.


The trusted service enablement platform delivers valuable operational insights, mission-critical performance, substantial time and cost savings and new service revenue opportunities for industries with high-value, high-IP manufacturing equipment and processes, including Semiconductor and Cleantech, Oil and Gas, and Pharmaceutical and Medical.


ILS Technology is recognized as the de-facto neutral third party to facilitate secure access privileges between customers and suppliers. As the only remote access tool built around the ISMI guidelines, secureWISE is installed in 90% of the world’s 300mm semiconductor fabs in addition to numerous mask houses, solar, PV as well as chemical plants that supply material to the microelectronics industry. secureWISE does not require any new capital investment, since it is offered as a simple Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) usage-based subscription.

Unmatched Security and IP Protection for All Parties


Today’s manufacturing operations are being networked to give access to internal operators and support organizations as well as external suppliers and business partners, increasing the inherent exposure to viruses, malware and other malicious attacks. secureWISE is purposely engineered to reduce or eliminate the risk of compromising security, critical intellectual property, privacy and data leakage, or disrupting manufacturing processes.


secureWISE is used over the ServiceNet™ virtual private network with hubs in New York, London and Taiwan, allowing OEMs to connect over their corporate VPNs via the nearest ServiceNet hub to eCentre servers that are installed behind firewalls at the customer’s facility.

Key security attributes include:
• Constant virus checking of all information sent to/from the tools
• Automation of security policies and procedures
• Authentication and authorization of each session user, by function, for specific data/files
• Full audit trail capability
• One ID/One Password Access for all global tools
• Data Filtering and Data Encryption via SSL (128 bit SSLv3/TLS V1.0 3Des)


Redefining Remote Service and Collaboration


To prevent any compromising, tampering, data leakage, or interruption of proprietary and expensive manufacturing operations, manufacturers rely on secureWISE to offer role-based secure access and collaboration in real-time to their internal operators and support organizations and external suppliers and business partners.


secureWISE is purposely engineered to reduce or eliminate the risk of compromising security


In addition, OEM service organizations and their R&D teams embrace secureWISE to get real-time 24/7 access to their customers’ remote systems that are connected to critical manufacturing assets, tools and equipment during tool installation, operation, routine service, diagnostics and troubleshooting from anywhere – improving uptime, MTTR and MTBF while reducing travel time and cost.


Forward-thinking OEMs are differentiating themselves further by offering predictive maintenance services that prevent and predict failures, offer continuous improvement and end-to-end services to improve overall output of the factory. By being constantly connected and performing sophisticated data analysis, their global experts can remotely support (or even replace) personnel at manufacturing sites anywhere when issues arise – avoiding expensive downtime and reducing travel time and cost. They can view all equipment in real-time, as if they were there, while taking advantage of company-wide resources, databases and diagnostics capabilities to analyze the root cause, share best practices and implement a solution.

• Comprehensive collaboration functions
• Chat at the tool
• FTP file staging/virus scanning, data transfer
• Discrete, time-based
• Remote Tool Operation (RTO), or viewing only
• Remote Application Access (RAA)
• HTTP proxy
• Legacy application support
• Session participation authorization for each function and/or for specific data/files
• Connectivity from factory floor to OEM’s Intranet
◦ Document file server
◦ HTTP based data server
◦ Knowledge data base
◦ Field reporting application
• Single User ID / Password authentication for all tools globally
• Remote monitoring of factory floor – dashboards and push/pull notifications
• Management and audit user tool access

Value for Manufacturer

• Centralized access and control for all suppliers/OEMs

• Single secure connection to/from ServiceNet (aggregating all suppliers/OEMs through one
connection in the cloud)

• More granular control over data, full audit trail of connections and data

• Minimize security risk


Value for OEM

Technical Engineering Support

• On-demand technical expertise to the tool
• Improved equipment up-time/reduced down-time (MTTR/MTBF)
• Rapid equipment installation support


Field Service

• Provide connectivity from the fab to the OEM service portal
• Reduced service cost
• Predictive maintenance, improving uptime, MTTR and MTBF
• Reduced spare parts costs – Stock the right parts in the right place at the right time

Business Impact

• New revenues from differentiated products and value-added services
• Lower travel time and cost for technical and field service

R & D

• R&D closer to customer
• Continuous product improvement using real-world data

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