Secure Remote Service Enablement for Semiconductor and Cleantech Industries


Our secureWISE solutions are recognized as the de-facto neutral third party standard for secure and controlled end-to-end remote connectivity and collaboration.  The trusted service enablement platform provides role-based access control to managed assets, real-time monitoring, on-demand access, and collaboration between locations around the world.


Secure Remote Service Enablement for Semiconductor and Cleantech Industries

In today’s demanding business environments, organizations need to provide their equipment providers, and services organizations visibility, collaboration, and access capabilities to solve operational and equipment problems.  However, allowing access, and sharing company confidential data with third party vendors raises critical intellectual property (IP), information privacy, and security vulnerability concerns.


In parallel, service organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their service delivery that results in increased customer satisfaction and services revenue, while reducing cost of services and customers Mean-time-to-Repair (MTTR).


ILS Technology’s secureWISE enables asset and information owners to securely allow role-based access in real-time with vital stake holders and business partners while keeping complete control of their sensitive intellectual property and production information safe.


secureWISE also provides internal and 3rd-party services and support organizations the tools they need to delivery cost efficient and rapidly deployed remote based service offerings.


secureWISE is offered as a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) – a subscription service that is managed by ILS Technology.  The security gateway can either reside within the factory or on  a Cloud managed by ILS Technology.


✓ Secure, auditable, peer-to-peer collaboration with online chat over the internet
✓ Remote monitoring and diagnostics of manufacturing, medical, data processing, and utility systems
✓ Secure file transfers and remote tool operation
✓ Remote access to corporate resources (knowledgeable, applications, intranets) from highly-controlled, secure facilities
✓ Increase productivity and efficiency
✓ Reduce field trips and services costs
✓ Improve personnel optimization
✓ Differentiate services and solutions
✓ Transform services from cost centers to profit centers
✓ Improve process control
✓ Lower costs


Using a standard TCP/IP Internet connection, secureWISE controls access to assets on the remote LAN through a single security gateway, which authenticates, authorizes and audits all users and their actions.  This centralized, web-based security interface automates corporate IT security policies.  At the same time, secureWISE also offers additional command and control functionality that ensures protection of intellectual property residing on the managed equipment and databases when accessed by authorized remote users.


secureWISE easily takes access control to the application layer for high security sensitive companies in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, medical, data processing, financial, and utilities.


secureWISE provides for bi-directional information sharing, whereby personnel on the managed asset network may securely connect externally to their suppliers or partner’s intranet to access data located outside of their LAN. This function enables local resources access to their corporate knowledge database, data vaults, e-mail and other internal network servers.


Bi-directional access vastly improves the ability for a local engineer to troubleshoot asset issues and communicate with their own corporate management team.  The result is higher productivity and a faster escalation process when required.


Beyond the need to service equipment, secureWISE creates a secure environment for development teams, supply chain partners, or “sister” sites to share knowledge.  Using secureWISE, these resources can join a collaborative session that enables them to see exactly how the asset is performing and allow for modifications as needed to improve efficiency and availability. This capability not only reduces the need to travel, but reduces the learning curve to implement a new process, qualify or calibrate equipment, and reduce the time to meet a customer’s production goals.


For users that require a higher level of connectivity security between the managed asset LAN and the remotely located resources beyond utilizing the public Internet, ILS Technology offers our ServiceNET connectivity services that provides global private site-to-site virtual network connections between asset LANs, support personnel, partners, and suppliers.

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