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Secure Remote Connectivity to Equipment and Data

Telit secureWISE delivers secure, configurable end-to-end remote connectivity across private networks, providing OEMs role-based, real-time and on-demand access to their equipment installed at the production facilities around the globe. It allows FABs and OEMs to remotely collaborate in ways that improve equipment performance at every stage of the process and equipment lifecycles while protecting valuable intellectual property (IP) for all involved parties.


secureWISE is used over the ServiceNet™ virtual private network with hubs in New York, London and Taiwan, allowing OEMs to connect over their corporate VPNs via the nearest ServiceNet hub to eCentre servers that are installed behind firewalls at the customer’s facility.


Reduce Services Costs.  Increase Uptime.

secureWISE is a trusted service enablement platform that delivers valuable operational insights, mission-critical performance, substantial time and cost savings and new service revenue opportunities.


OEM Benefits

secureWISE is in over 90% of the world’s 300mm FABs


Tool engineers gain secure connectivity as-need to tool data for monitoring, diagnostics and control. This enables collaboration with FAB management to:


• Improve tool uptime
• Improve maintenance scheduling [MTTR] and parts logistics
• Reduce unplanned downtime [MTBF] events
• Bring OEM R&D closer to the customer, for compressed continuous improvement cycles accessing data in real-time
• Provide real-time support during equipment installation, resulting in faster time to production


Improved Service through Improved Logistics


• Bring expertise to the tool remotely, reducing the cost of service and travel; many issues are remotely addressable today
• Remotely monitor the factory floor using dashboards and push/pull notifications
• Plan predictive maintenance to coincide with PM Schedules, reducing or eliminating unscheduled down-time events
• Lower spare parts carrying and logistics costs by stocking the right parts in the right place at the right time, resulting in MTTR improvement
• Develop and incorporate new value added services and applications that give you a competitive advantage

FAB Benefits

Over 250 unique tool-types are connect ready


secureWISE gives FAB process engineers and managers secure, on-demand connectivity to tool and process data, enabling real-time visibility to improve process management and capacity gains with current equipment.


• Collaboration for improved uptime
• MTTR cycle-time compression
• Optimized PM schedules resulting in MTBF improvement


Access to and Control of IP Ensured


•  Only pre-authorized access to FAB process data and production recipes [IP] is allowed, ensuring FABs complete control over their data.

•  All access to OEM IP on the tools is strictly limited to pre-authorized users.

•  All access is auditable via a standard system log feature.

Key Security Attributes:

• Constant virus checking of all information sent to/from the tools
• Automation of security policies and procedures
• Authentication and authorization of each session user, by function, for specific data/files
• Full audit trail capability
• One ID/One Password Access for all global tools
• Data Filtering and Data Encryption via SSL (128 bit SSLv3/TLS V1.0 3Des)


Continuous Improvement through the Equipment Lifecycle

α, β, and Pilot-Production Tools

From power-on through hands-off

•  Monitor diagnostics from Day 1 to troubleshoot early-warnings.

•  Compress continuous improvement cycles via real-time access to data.

•  Remote collaboration opportunities for quicker and more thorough pilot evaluations.


Tool Install through Acceptance

From power-on to production-start


• Faster problem-resolution during tool install.

• Real-time diagnostics available to the OEM’s critical support team.

Faster turn-around time on tool software or firmware enhancements and updates.


During Warranty & Service Periods

From warranty-start through the life of the tool.

 Enable real-time monitoring of tool health.

•  Avoid, reduce and eliminate clean room visits for data acquisition.

•  Eliminate clean-room entry for most tool diagnostics.

• Smart servicing: dispatch the right engineer with the right equipment the first time, when remote diagnostics or repair cannot be accomplished.

secureWISE OEM Connector

Access OEM support systems directly from the fab floor


secureWISE OEM Connector provides a secure Cloud connection from any connected fab to your OEM VPN – directly from a laptop or an authorized data server – using a standard browser and HTTPS. Access your OEMs’ remote files, knowledge databases and resources from inside the fab without compromising fab security saves time and cost.

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